– christoph fink is a critical cartographer, urban social geographer and open source gis enthusiast
christoph fink  |  is a critical cartographer, urban social geographer and open source gis enthusiast

Cartogram Plugin for QGIS3: 

I rewrote a popular plugin for QGIS3 -> better performance, more features read more

Helsinki Street Casting: a Google Apps Script love story: 

Uploading directly to Google Drive and Spreadsheets read more

Euler to Axis-Angle converter: 

convert 3D component rotations to an angle-axis representation read more 

anamorphic maps to represent Austria’s social topography read more

Helsinki Population Trends: 

A bunch of nice maps and charts. Watch out for their legends! read more

An Interactive School Atlas: 

a project fresh from the ’shop:, an online middle school atlas read more

cross-platform python font installer: 

A python module/script to install fonts on Linux, OSX and Windows. read more

QGIS, PostGIS and ambiguous geometry column types: 

fixing ugly layer listings  read more

WIREL maps: Vienna’s residential patterns by religion and ethnicity: 

a fresh interactive web map  read more


A map on the night time economy of Helsinki's SoHo read more

getEPSG script: 

For a project I needed to sort vector data files by their projection – this script helped me get EPSG codes  read more

The Spatiality of #BangkokShutdown: 

Protests in the Thai capital follow spatial patterns (surprise! surprise!) read more

Massive Reverse Geocoding: 

Finding placenames and adresses for 540 million tweets with coordinates. read more

Okkupy Google Maps: 

Workshop report: social movements and online maps  read more

Auf die Größe kommt es an: 

Ein Poster am Deutschen Geographentag in Passau erklärt mein Dissertationsvorhaben … read more

Frankenstein, PhD: pseudo-individual populations: 

Disaggregating demographic, socio-economic and geographic data read more

ECTQG13: one by one: 

pseudo-individual populations for agent-based simulation models read more

CSSS2013 – transport model: 

Summer school in Le Havre – simulation of public transport in Toulouse read more

guerilla remote sensing @EGEA Euromed 13: 

aerial imagery from a kite – we tried that! read more

WordPress Theme: Familienkirche Schmuckerau: 

an honorary job for my childhood neighbourhood’s church read more

Collected (C)artefacts: 

by-products of a life as a cartography major … read more

Mapping Together: 

On collaborative implicit cartographies, their discourses, and space construction  read more

Gesellschafts-Spiel Karte: 

implizite Kartographien, ihre Diskurse und Räume – meine Diplomarbeit, inspiriert von Werlen und Schlottmann, von Crampton und Harley … read more